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Metering Valves and Controls

Only genuine Schmidt® brand valves and controls are designed and manufactured to be the most durable and reliable in the industry. We select the highest quality materials and carefully match them for use in crafting Schmidt valves and controls under tight specifications and tolerances. No other brand can match the combination of operator safety, performance, durability and dependability of a Schmidt valve or control. 

Designed to use significantly less abrasive than other brands. Engineered to maximize blasting productivity and reduce downtime.

Convenient conversion kits to fit most brands of abrasive blasting equipment. Upgrade your performance with authentic Schmidt brand valves and controls. 

Thompson® Valve II

The next-generation valve in the Thompson Valve line. Shuts off abrasive flow to the nozzle and seals the tank at the same instant. Ideal for multiple outlet use. Offers significant improvements over the original Thompson Valve designed to improve performance, make servicing easier and extend service life. Faster response, finer control. More sleeve choices available to accommodate a wider range of abrasives and applications. The abrasive airblast industry's choice for abrasive metering and control.

Thompson® Valve II XL™ (Extended Life)

The newest advances in abrasive metering and control valve technology are incorporated in this valve. Shuts off abrasive flow to the nozzle and seals the tank in the same instant. We designed this valve to address the unique challenges of the harshest blasting environments including those operating continuously with aluminum oxide.

Nothing comes close to matching the performance, reliability, serviceability and life of this valve. If minimizing downtime and keeping your operation up and running are critical to you, you need this valve.

MV 3®

The Schmidt® MV 3 abrasive metering valve is the newest innovation in the family of industry leading Schmidt abrasive metering valves. The MV 3 offers the proven productivity and safety advantages that Schmidt valves deliver to abrasive blasting operations through the precise metering of abrasive, along with an extended the service life, an improved clean out port, and easy access to wear components for safe, efficient maintenance.

MV 2®

The next-generation valve in the MicroValve® line. Provides near-infinite, precise metering of abrasive media. This valve incorporates numerous improvements designed to increase performance, and make the valve easier to use, easier to service. Suggested for use with the ComboValve® control valve.


An industry workhorse. The original ComboValve® control valve. Combines the functions of the air inlet valve and blowdown valve, eliminating premature failure of the blowdown system. Only a genuine Schmidt brand ComboValve offers superior performance, durability and reliability. 

G2™ Deadman

For the perfect balance of operator comfort and safety. Easily the industry's most popular deadman control. Pneumatic or electric.


The Schmidt VBS II™ is the latest technology for suppressing the intensity of the air/energy during vessel depressurization of abrasive blasting systems. It is the only system specifically designed to safely reduce the noise levels and abrasive particle velocity (speeds) which occur during vessel blowdown.

The SureFit™ Handway Gasket

The Schmidt SureFit™ handway gasket simplifies installation of the handway. It eliminates loose gaskets that are difficult to keep properly aligned, make installation difficult and cause leaks. The SureFit gasket snaps easily onto the handway cover to ensure proper alignment and maximize a proper seal.

Dragon™ Cable

The Schmidt® proprietary Dragon Cable electric cord is the most rugged and durable option available for blasting environments. The heavy duty outer urethane jacket makes it ideal for harsh conditions or blast rooms using the most aggressive abrasives, including steel, aluminum oxide and garnet.

Thompson® Valve

The original Thompson Valve that revolutionized abrasive metering and control. Nothing matches the performance, reliability and durability of a genuine Schmidt® valve.

Shuts off abrasive flow to the nozzle and seals the tank at the same instant.


The original Schmidt metering valve. Provides total control of the quantity of abrasive media used. Near-infinite metering capability. Suitable for use with a range of abrasives. Normally open.