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Specialized Systems

Axxiom Manufacturing focuses on the abrasive airblast industry. Our engineers, fabricators and technical sales staff have decades of expertise designing and manufacturing Schmidt® brand equipment and systems for users across a very broad range of applications in the industry. If you have a need for a custom system, we are equipped with the knowledge, experience and passion to help you create a solution.


Schmidt announces the most versatile abrasive blasting system on the market today. The AmphiBlast gives you the unique ability to wet blast or dry blast, ALL IN ONE UNIT! Available in single outlet or multiple outlet units, the AmphiBlast makes it easy to switch between wet or dry abrasive blasting. Multiple outlet units give you the option of wet blasting AND dry blasting at the same time. The AmphiBlast also provides the capability of blow down and wash down. With M.I.S.T.™ (Moisture Injection Schmidt Technology), Schmidt gives you a wet blast/dry blast system that uses minimal water, allows for a wide range of abrasives, and a broad range of blasting pressures. Reliable and high performance Schmidt technology at its finest.

Custom Blasting Systems

With a full engineering and design staff onsite and an ASME code "U" and "UM" pressure vessel manufacturing facility, we can help you realize your customized abrasive blasting system or help you create a system that will address your needs. Contact us for blasting, material recovery, conveying and storage. 

Double Chamber

Schmidt® brand Double Chamber blast pots were the first to be designed and introduced to the abrasive blasting market. They are designed for constant, automated operation, utilizing two separate pressurized chambers and abrasive level sensors. This allow users the ability to blast without having to stop to add abrasive.

Integrated Systems

Sometimes bulky hoses and multiple pieces of equipment in a tight jobsite can be a challenge or even a safety hazard. Many contractors appreciate the superior performance and reduced transport and setup time (compared to individual components) of an integrated unit. The Schmidt® Integrated Systems were designed specifically to address these needs: they conveniently incorporate multiple abrasive airblast components into a single unit, most frequently adding an AirPrep™ Aftercooler or Air Dryer. Custom systems can be designed to your specifications to maximize your blasting operation. 

Modular Drum Vacuum Reclaim System

A convenient and portable solution that can efficiently and easily transport new or used abrasive to any type of storage for recycling or removal. Easily separates dust and debris from usable abrasive. Adaptable to any existing stationary or portable blasting operation, the Modular Vaccum Reclaim System improves production and minimizes downtime in your application.